Chesapeake Bay Sportfishing with Captain Keith Rupp on the "MY DECISION II"


A true fishing report is almost impossible to give. There are to many factors that can get involved, such as Weather, Moon, Tides, Etc. If a customer is booking a trip for 3 months ahead, I can only tell them what type of fish are typically caught that time of the year. I keep in contact with other Captains in the area to find out what they are doing and where they are fishing so I can give my clients the best kind of fishing for the conditions.

As a guide as to what can happen, the other day (Mid-November, 2002) I had a group of 5. We went after big Rockfish. We left the dock at 6:30 AM and fished until 3:00 PM. We boated 3 legal fish and released 3 undersized. A few others got off the lines. The "Keepers" were 19", 32", and a 45" (37.2 lb. - picture on home page). We were getting ready to take in the lines in when we hooked into a very large fish, probably as large as, or larger than the 45-incher. The angler fought this fish for 20-25 minutes until his arms gave out. He turned the rod over to another angler, who fought the fish for another 10 minutes before the fish entangled itself around something on the bottom and the line broke. All said, it was still a very good fishing day.

The next day I had 3 anglers. We left the dock at 8:30am, once again going after large Rockfish. I had received a report from another Captain to try a slightly different location, as he was doing well there that morning. It took us about an hour to arrive at our destination, and once the gear was setup and the lines were in the water, we got our first hit in less than 5 minutes. It was a very large fish, but managed to shake the lure. At that point "all hecht" broke loose and we had 5 fish on at one time! The smallest was 22" and the largest was 37". We had our limit in less than 15 minutes and were back at the dock at 11:00am.

As you can see, the situation can change from day to day. I pride myself on being able to put my customers in the best possible locations at all times. When you book your trip I will try to advise what you might expect, based on the time of the year. When it gets close to your "Day On The Bay" you can call me for an update on what's happening.

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